Jordan Brasser Horsemanship

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Jordan Brasser Horsemanship

Jordan Brasser has a long history studying equine behavior under some of the top talents in the world. He became a Natural Horsemanship Professional in 2008 and has since been sharing his revolutionary methods and knowledge of the horse through clinics and seminars. He is currently developing his own program for helping people to acquire high levels of performance with their horses. Jordan's charismatic teaching style and knowledge of horse psychology captivates audiences of all ages and he has a strong following in Michigan and nearby statesHe has studied under well known trainers like, Honza Blaha, Pat Parelli and Walter Zettl.

The Jordan Brasser Horsemanship program has the answers you've been looking for. If you’ve ever wanted to find a deeper connection with your horse, discover a competitive edge for showing or learn to ride bridle-less, the JBH Program can help you reach your goals! Check out the positive feedback under 'Services' tab and learn more about what JBH can do for you!

Services offered include: Horse Training, Colt Starting, Lessons, Boarding, Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming, Saddle Fitting...

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